Reflections Through the Mist

Thursday 21 June 2018. At the time of writing this post, Reflections Through the Mist is a work in progress. The research for the novel that tells the story of my grandfather continues. He was captured in 1915, while he was part of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in France during the First World War.…… Continue reading Reflections Through the Mist


A period of about three months seems to have slipped by since I posted a blog item. I’m letting my fan down at this rate: sorry J. I hope you are still out there. Since I (self-)published my second novel in January, I have been busy with the research for my third. I hope that…… Continue reading Factfulness

Burns Matters

Burns Matters That’s the problem with Burns having a ‘’night’ (on 25th January): once it is over, I imagine that pretty much everyone south of the border (between England and Scotland) forgets about Robert Burns, Scotland’s most celebrated poet and lyricist, and no one partakes of haggis until the next Burns Night comes around. For…… Continue reading Burns Matters

Burns’ Night: 25th January 2018

Who’s the old bloke in the image below? Oh it’s me. This was taken during my reading at the Gunmakers Arms in Birmingham on Thursday, 25th January, during the pub’s Burns’ Night celebration. I read a Scottish piece, about going home to Ecclefechan during the 1959s and 1960s. There were several readers taking part during…… Continue reading Burns’ Night: 25th January 2018

Finding Sarah

My second novel, Finding Sarah, was self-published in January 2018. It tells the story of the passionate love affair between Max and Sarah and its consequences. A click or tap on the image of the cover will take you to the book’s page on Amazon UK.

The Three Bells

The Three Bells Striking north from the M62 took us through several small towns and villages along the edge of the Pennines. Stone Chair, Queensbury, Mountain, Denholme, and the wonderfully named Flappit Spring pass by as darkness greeted our approach to Haworth in Yorkshire. The streets in the upper part of the town are narrow:…… Continue reading The Three Bells

Visions of Whereafter

The newly-edited, second edition of my first novel is available as an ebook from Amazon here and as a paperback book here. A huge thanks go to Pippa Lobban for her brilliant cover design: this can be seen below. Please feel free to post an honest review of Visions of Whereafter on its Amazon book page. There is a button…… Continue reading Visions of Whereafter

Three Score Years and Ten

I find myself in reflective mood while writing this post. This is partly because, earlier in the year, in January to be more precise, I passed a psychological and biblical milestone: my 70th birthday. If I remember my RE studies at boarding school correctly, there is mention of three score years and ten somewhere in…… Continue reading Three Score Years and Ten

Dead Man’s Penny

I’ve known for quite some time that my grandfather, David Muir, fought in the First World War. He was wounded and captured on the first day of the Battle of Loos, on 25th September 1915, his very first day of action in the war. He spent the remainder of the war as a POW. It…… Continue reading Dead Man’s Penny

Good News: Part Two

As in Part One, I’ve summarised a number of stories without comment. From the Guardian website in December last year. Heinrich Steinmeyer left £384,000 in his will to the people of the village of Conrie in Perthshire, Scotland. Steinmeyer was captured in France in 1944 and was detained in a POW camp near Conrie until…… Continue reading Good News: Part Two