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I will use this page to post reviews that have been sent to me directly. These are reviews that don’t meet Amazon’s requirements for eligibility to post reviews for various reasons. The reviewers have given me permission to post their reviews on my website.


David Miller’s five-star review follows below. Thank you David for your very supportive and encouraging review.


The novel I bought for a long train journey had featured in a recent literature festival and when I opened it I found it had been signed by the author. I tried to embrace that book but found nothing to embrace. I was probably my fault – maybe I didn’t understand the author’s irony, or her artful use of overblown language etc, etc. You have to give up if you get halfway through a book about relationships and you still don’t care a fig about any of the characters don’t you? 

(I know serious readers and writers would have persisted with that book, if only out of respect for the blood, sweat and tears of any author.)

I didn’t have anything else to read for the rest of my journey. When I got off the train I posted the book through the nearest charity shop letter box.

If I’d had “There was a soldier…”  to read on that train journey I wouldn’t have written what I’ve just written.

The two main characters, Davey and Kate attach themselves to you very quickly. I did very much care about what they were going to have to go through.

I think the author does very well to stick closely to the perspectives and motivations of Davey and Kate, leaving the horror of the situation they find themselves in to speak for itself.

I’m not a great reader of books or a reader with a lot of stamina but I found this book very engaging.

Well done David Muir.

David Miller, September 2021


Deborah McKenzie’s five-star review follows below. Thank you Deborah for your lovely review.


I thoroughly enjoyed this story and found myself captivated by the adventures of the endearing main characters.  The fact that it is based on a true story makes it all the more heartwarming. It’s a story of loyalty, courage, kindness, perseverance, anguish and love.  You’ll find yourself wanting more when you get to the end.  A very good read.

Deborah McKenzie, Canada, November 2021.

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