The Walkers

The Walkers We first saw the two walkers from our vantage point overlooking the storm beach at Pwlldu Bay on the south Gower coast. The surprisingly sunny October afternoon found us in Tee shirts and walking trousers and boots. The walkers were dressed from head to foot in dark Gore-Tex gear, as if they had…… Continue reading The Walkers

Poetry Reading: Part One

I sincerely hope that my readers are well, mentally and physically. All we can do is to look forward to recovering our freedom. There were over one thousand visits to the post Close Encounters: Part Two (Close Encounters: Part Two). Thank you to those of you who converted a visit to reading the post. Your…… Continue reading Poetry Reading: Part One

Chance Encounters: Part Two

Chance Encounters: Part Two How to explain the lengthy hiatus in blog posts? I have been immersed in editing my third novel, a story based on true events surrounding my grandfather and grandmother during the First World \War. Now that the manuscript is being scrutinised by my wife and also by members of New Street…… Continue reading Chance Encounters: Part Two

Chance Encounters: Part One

Chance Encounters: Part One The path along the south Gower coast is very popular. We often find ourselves greeting many walkers, sometimes even in Welsh, on our regular routes. These encounters with strangers are usually no more than fleetingly polite, as we pass one another on the often-narrow path. On three occasions last summer, an…… Continue reading Chance Encounters: Part One

Music blogpost #2

Fado: Music of Destiny “The music is by the door,” they told us. Earlier this year A and I spent a few days in Lisbon. Set near the mouth of the wide river Tagus, the capital of Portugal is, perhaps, not as grand as Madrid, its neighbouring capital on the Iberian Peninsula. The culture of…… Continue reading Music blogpost #2

Music blogpost #1

Welsh Voices The early evening sunlight slanted through the stained-glass windows of the church, leaving splashes of colour on the faces of the audience as we anticipated the concert given by the Morriston Orpheus Choir. We overheard an official say that just over nine hundred tickets had been sold. One of the charities that would…… Continue reading Music blogpost #1


A tall, young man approached me. No. I could probably lose me; I learnt this on the course. Start again. A tall, young man approached, complete with the most modern of appendages — the wheelie-case, designed to clip the ankles of the unwary and amplify the sound of the normal perambulation of the human species.…… Continue reading Masterclass

Reading Event: the Gunmakers Arms

A huge thank you to Helen for organising the reading event at the Gunmakers Arms on December 17th. Several New Street Authors read at the event, including yours truly. Thanks also to Lee and Helen for the photos.         Quite what the hand near my right ear (in both shots) is all about, I’m not…… Continue reading Reading Event: the Gunmakers Arms

Saving Lives at Sea

In these dog-days of winter and B****t machinations, perhaps the telling of a heartening true incident that my wife and I witnessed in the autumn might help to ease you into the New Year with a smile of optimism. Our walk on the day in question took us along a section of the coastal path…… Continue reading Saving Lives at Sea

Launch of New Street Authors’ anthology: New Street Stories

New Street Authors launched its (first) anthology on October 13th on New Street; well, not actually on the street itself but at a venue with a New Street address, number 71 to be precise,  The launch took place in the gallery space of the Medicine Bakery coffee shop, which is located at the first entrance on…… Continue reading Launch of New Street Authors’ anthology: New Street Stories