Thursday 15th January 2015

I have neglected my blogs for far to long: I fully intend to post something here every week or two, starting early in the new year of  2015.

Stuart Heritage in yesterday’s Guardian promised himself that he would be more optimistic from now on but that there was a flaw in his proposal: that the world was in a terrible state.  Perhaps 2014 is best summed up by the message in a Christmas card sent to us by a friend who lives in the USA:

Merry Christmas, in spite of everything else going on that makes you want to just scream.

Just when I thought that the world could make a fresh start in 2015, we had the atrocity in Paris last week.  Amongst the acres of newsprint that have appeared since the events of January 8th and 9th in Paris, I have come across very few articles that go anywhere near an analysis of causes and solutions that examine the foreign policy of Western governments in the Middle East and their continued involvement in armed conflicts.  Until there is a change in these policies, then we could be facing a bleak future of terrorist attacks in European cities.  A letter in the Guardian earlier this week stood out from the myriad written responses to what happened in Paris in that the letter posed questions about the continued involvement of Western governments in the Middle East.  If only such voices were listened to.

My PSA result increased by 1.0 last week: my wonderful urologist consultant immediately booked me in for an MRI scan.  I have nothing but praise for the NHS in my locality and for my consultant in particular in that it is very comforting to be kept under surveillance.  However, a black cloud has descended on me: will they find anything?  It’s the ‘not knowing’ that is difficult to deal with.  There is nothing more that I can do but wait and see what the results show and try to think positive.

My worries about the state of my prostate is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to what is happening to a friend: Rod is very poorly with cancer but he battles on even when new tumours are discovered.  I am in complete awe of his wife Di: such love and devotion is wondrous to witness.

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