Music and Smiles

Our neighbour’s son was one year of age a few days ago. There is a fundamental beauty about the smile of a baby: first there is the impassive look before a smile spreads across his face. An unrestrained smile, elemental and pure, unaware of the world around him, making an innocent connection with a relative stranger. What a joyful thing is such a smile.


My wife and I have been to the Town Hall in Birmingham twice in the past week for music events. Although it has been some time since the Town Hall was refurbished, last Thursday was our first visit. The sound quality is excellent.


The first gig was on Thursday 15th January: Tommy Emmanuel, a brilliant acoustic guitar player. There were times when it sounded like there were two guitarists on stage!   The second gig was on Monday 19th January: Nils Lofgren. The surprise was that Mr. Lofgren played mostly acoustic numbers; he only took up his electric guitar for the first and last song. Both gigs were excellent, the kind of event where you can lose yourself in the moment and forget the world outside the intimate space of the venue.


I reached something of a milestone yesterday with my second novel. My first draft is always hand-written. I have just completed the second draft. Now I have 65,000 words saved on my laptop and backed up. I can begin work on the third draft next week.

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