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Self-published by David Muir in 2018

Cover by Pippa Lobban

If you click or tap on the image of the cover above, this will take you to the book’s Amazon UK page.

The newly-edited second edition of Visions of Whereafter is still available as an ebook or a paperback here.

If you are a first-time visitor, welcome to my site.  Otherwise, welcome back.

Let me briefly explain the items in the Main Menu because it has been re-organised recently.

Under Home there is a brief Biography.

New Street Authors is a group of like-minded, self-published authors.  We meet every third Thursday of the month in a pub in the centre of Birmingham.

Under Blogs: I post mostly in the first blog Vicissitudes of Life on a fairly regular basis.

My Books is about books that I have self-published to date and is also about work in progress for future publications.

News is a relatively new feature.  In it, I will post news about what I am doing in terms of promoting my books.

Reviews: includes reviews of my one and only self-published book to date.

Recommendations are for books that I have read by a number of fellow self-published authors.

Other blog categories are meant to be self-explanatory.

There is a Contact form if you would like to get in touch with me.

A huge thanks to Peter Lobban for creating and managing the site for me.

Here is where the writing takes place

Here is where the writing takes place

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